Wednesday, 31 August 2011

BleedingLife 3.0

Coder - BleedingLife

We've told you it would come and now it's here. This time we've come bigger and more confident. Why are we so confident?

What we've learned over this time was that those famous expensive exploit packs (Phoenix, Blackhole) stole not only our exploits in their last version, but they've also stole our shell code as well.

What does all this mean? This means we're at the top of our game and they want what we have. With that being said, I introduce to you, BleedingLife 3.0

[+] Advanced Statistical Information
[+] Stylish Progress Bars
[+] Full User Friendly Admin Panel
[+] Referer Stats
[+] Secure Panel - Login/Logout
[+] Ability To Set and Save Passwords On Panel
[+] Ability To Allow Guest Access - Guest Can Only View Stats Page, Clicking and Other Pages Disabled.
[+] Ability To Add and/or Remove Exploits Used
[+] Ability To Add Scan4You Credentials For Built-In Scanner Use
[+] Ability To Filter Browsers
[+] Ability To Filter Operating Systems
[+] Attempt To Detect and Filter HTTP Proxies
[+] Ability To Blacklist by IP/Range
[+] Ability To Import Blacklist
[+] On Panel Built In Scanner
[+] Ability To Upload Payload From Panel
[+] Payload Statistical Information - MD5, Size, SHA1
[+] Ability To Generate iFrame On Panel / Encrypted
[+] Ability To Domain Check/Scan On Panel

[+] Adobe LibTiFF
[+] Adobe Util.printf
[+] Adobe Flash10o
[+] Java TC
[+] Java MIDI
[+] Java RMI
[+] Java Skylined
[+] Java Signed Applet
[+] Java Codebase Trust
[+] MDAC

[+] FREE Updates (When Needed)
[+] Payment: WMZ or LR ONLY
[+] Amount: $1000.00
[+] Previous Customers, $250 Discount

[+] Rate Is Base On Options You Choose To Use On Panel - Expect 30% or more

Contact: ICQ: 6397******

Panel Images:

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