Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Coder - Witch

Sick and tired of constantly losing bots due to shitty ass copy pasted mods of old bots such as asper and rxbot?

Looking to try something that will perform as it says, and has been made by an experienced coder?

Trying to build a net that will actually last and do what you want it to do?

Sick of dealing with refunds, shitty support, and garbage software?

Well, take a close look at xLoader, a reliable, and proficient product.

I am ecstatic to present to you, xLoader, a bot that does not "CLAIM" to be "#1".


1. Form Grabber : Steals user's login data as they input it into their browser & submit it.

Works on HTTP + HTTPS and on Firefox + Internet Explorer and it works for the following sites :


It will parse the username & password and send them to the panel.

2. DDoS Flood : Slowloris/TCP/UDP (Multi-Socket)

3. Hooked MSN Spreader : Will add your url to a user's message, and the receiver will see the message w/ the url, but the sender will not.
Every time a message with your URL is sent, the panel updates the number of messages sent.
(Messages sent are *UNIQUE*. It will keep track of who it has messaged and will only send 1 time to keep the send count unique)

4. Contact list grabber : Grabs all contacts from bots who have MSN open and uploads them to the panel.


Coded in efficient C++

- No need for extra dependencies (msvcrt90, vb runtimes, .NET, etc)
Support for 32 & 64 bit

Unicode Support

- Will work on Asian OS
- Runs on Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7
- Limited/Administrator Accounts
- Full PE Injection
- Injection to Explorer - 32 bit
- Runs normally if fails to inject

Installs to:

- Limited Accounts - Application Data Directory
- Administrator Accounts - Windows Directory

Drop & Execute Download
Memory Execute Download

- 98% execution rate

Registry Persistence (startup keys)

- Uses Events to notify when a key has been modified/deleted and will re-add automatically
- All Strings Encrypted
- Only decrypted in memory before use
- Cannot be killed by common/public botkillers
- a59 c/p
- Startup entry cleaner (registry)
- Connection based (gBot)

- Small bin size (Depends on modules too)
- Can NOT be packed with upx, mew, etc

- Standard Bin (no extra modules) - 13kb
- Bin + Hostfile Edit only: 14kb
- Bin + DDoS only (slowloris, ssyn, udp): 16kb
- Bin + Contact grabber only: 14kb
- Bin + DDoS + Contact Grabber: 17kb
- Bin + DDoS + Contact Grabber + Hosts File Editor : 17kb
- Bin + DDoS + Contact Grabber + Hosts File Editor + Hooked MSN Spread : 21kb
- Bin + DDoS + Contact Grabber + Hosts File Editor + Hooked MSN Spread + Form Grabber : 30kb

Bin Editor!

Main Stats

Bot List

Task Example

Adding a new task

Bin Price : $350, compiled to as many domains as you want under 1 bin.

I ONLY accept Liberty Reserve or WMZ (webmoney) for a payment processor, so don't bother asking if you can pay by paypal.

If you want to buy and you only have paypal, you'll have to exchange your money.


-FormGrabber (FF+IE) (HTTP+HTTPS) : $75
-Hooked MSN Spreader (MSN, Pidgin, Trillian) : $50

Contact is : Witch****

(Old customers please contact me at this email to receive updates, I will NOT contact YOU!)

Upgrade cost from iLoader -> xLoader is $125, and all future updates will be free.

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