Monday 19 March 2012

Citadel 1.3

Citadel Zeus Bot is under active development and new version 1.3.3 is released by its coder Aquabox.

The author post is directly copied from underground forum and translated to english for your convenience. Thanks to @Sherb1n.

Citadel v1.3.3.0 Spring Edition!

It's springtime, a time when everything changes and functionality goes into full bloom. Pimp out your ride for the summer!

Our product has become quite unique, so we're going to give an overview of all the features you can start using right away to get even more profit out of the new version:

1) Admin control panel has a new section, "Performance and Security", which has been integrated with the scan4you service; now you can run AV detection checks for all of your exe builds with a single click, right from the Citadel control panel. You can also set up automated daily scans, so that if one of your files gets burned by more than 3 AVs, you'll receive an instant Jabber notification and will be able to replace the exe right away. Now that this task is automated, you can feel free to be lazy!

2) Some customers complained that only 40% of their bots were getting updated to the new exe versions, while the rest were failing to update for an unknown reason. Indeed, that turned out to be a bug from the old ZeuS times; we did some research and fixed it. Now config has a new parameter: timer_autoupdate 8, which sets how often (in hours) the bot will download and restart the exe from the server (RC4 key should match). 80% of bots are now successfully updating; go ahead, encrypt and re-upload your exe, with the uptime improved by 37.1%, your bots will have the freshest and cleanest builds.

3) Server reporting system has been rewritten. In previous versions, every report generated a separate POST request to the gate; in the new schema, reports are sent in batches. This reduces the number of open sessions and minimizes the server load, allowing the server to support a larger number of bots online.

4) Video recording format has been changed to .webm (HTML5); an online video player has been built into the Citadel control panel, and now you can watch the videos right in your browser (Opera is recommended). Features: rewind, fast-forward / full-screen / search for videos by BotID, IP address, date.
But that's not all, we didn't stop there: many of you are using AT (and it's about time everyone else started using it to develop this industry collectively), and personal admin servers for your injects/account collections, etc. Wouldn't you like to watch videos of how well your auto-transfers and injections work, right from your admin panel on that server? That's easy! We've created an API system for this: just send your BotID or IP address to the script, and the API will send back an HTML embed code for all the videos uploaded by that bot. You can embed and watch this video wherever you want, even on, without having to visit the Citadel server.

5) An improved system command (CMDList) analyzer/parser has been added to the admin panel. Now you can use the new table layout to view the output of system commands like ipconfig, the list of machines on the local network, the list of running processes, etc.

6) Now, upon installation, the bot will automatically send to the server a one-time report with the following information: installed firewalls, installed AV products, installed programs.
This information can be viewed for each bot separately, or for the entire botnet. We've created a new admin panel section where you can see all these stats, visual graphs and calculations. Now you know who you're up against.

7) "Favorite logs" - this new feature allows you to mark any account (or report) of interest when searching for data in admin; the accounts will be highlighted, and you can easily find them later.

8) A new "CardSwipe" module has been developed. It can grab card numbers and dumps out of HTTPS/WinSocket traffic and send them as a separate report.
The module uses LUHN10 algorithm to analyze traffic. Margin of error - 25%.
Price: $250 LR.

9) Injects are now compatible with UTF-8, and can be customized for any language (Japanese, Chinese, etc.)

10) Want to find new clients or business partners in your line of work? Consider placing your banner ad with the Citadel CRM.
Number of ad spaces: only 3 (234x60), two are still available; we only accept ads for relevant vendors and services (installs, encryption, traffic, etc., business partner search). Contact support through Jabber for a price quote.

As always, this update is free for our current clients. Place your requests through Jabber or CRM. (The update kits will be delivered on March 15, at 11:30PM).

New clients will receive a discount when buying the full package!

Citadel V 1.1

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