Sunday, 10 June 2012

Spam Service

Provider - avigdottir

Cross posted from Russian cyber criminal forum

English translation by @Sherb1n

Spam Campaigns

The service is designed to provide clicks for your link, including the option of using our intermediary redirect shells.

Our campaign most often results in a visitor coming to your site/page/affiliate page.

We can spam different links, automatically pulling them from your URL every minute.

This rules out the loss of traffic due to obsolete URLs and other similar problems.

We provide traffic stats (this feature is complimentary when you order our redirect shells).

Inbox rate for Gmail is over 90%. The rate varies for other services, but is considerably higher than Gmail's. If you have a specific request, run it by our support before starting the campaign.

Distribution speed: 1 million/20 minutes.

We can also help you pick a template (with randomization) for a theme-based campaign.


$150 for 1 million goods, your spam base
$200 for 1 million goods, your DB, your link, through our redirect shells (with URL auto-update)

Minimum order: 1 million (anything under that goes at the price of a minimum order).

We can provide our own spam DBs in certain cases, but the price will increase substantially.

Typically, we prefer to use your bases. After spamming, they are permanently deleted.

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