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Ann Loader

English Translation by @Sherb1n

Ann Loader Seller – Noncenz - Adv on Forums

You know our team from projects like RedZone password recovery system, MKL professional keylogger, Destination Darkness DDoS bot (aka Optima), PassView password viewer, and others. AnnLoader is a worthy addition to this collection!


• You can set up tasks: X installs in country A, and so on.
• Set task priority
• Edit and re-arrange the tasks
• The build is only 14KB
• The program is written in API
• You can adjust the bot load and set up a white zone
• AnnLoad has a stable, fast, easy-to-use and safe admin panel.
• The control panel does not store your password in the config file, only in cache!
• AnnLoad algorithm does not contain anything that can mess with the encryption process (service mode, tls, etc…)

[Admin panel screenshots]

[Additional modules]

1) ThiefX. Version: 1.3. Password grabber. This module can grab passwords from 14 programs (more can be added upon request):
• Fxp (ftp)
• Total commander (ftp)
• Filezilla (ftp)
• Wsftp (ftp)
• Mozilla Firefox (включая 7-ю версию) (web, forms)
• Opera (включая последние версии) (web, forms, ftp)
• CuteFTP (ftp)
• Qip2005 (icq)
• Qip2010 (icq, eml)
• QipInfium (icq, eml)
• The bat (eml)
• RDP (rdp)
• Google Chrome (web)
• Safari (web)

2) Substitution. Version: 1.0. The module allows you to edit/substitute the hosts file on your bots.

3) We can create a module that will be modifying the Webmoney purse id in the clipboard. Contact us on ICQ if interested.

4) MKL Keylogger. Version: 1.1. Dependable keylogger, supports Cyrillic, can send logs to HTML/FTP.

[License agreement]

By accepting the license terms for this software, you acknowledge that you will use AnnLoad exclusively for testing your own systems. Any other use of this software is in violation of this agreement and of the laws of the Russian Federation. If you do not agree to one or more clauses of this agreement, do not use the software in any way or manner.
The DD team shall not be liable for any damage to you or third parties arising from the use of this software.
The product is delivered “as is”.
You may lose your license for violating the terms of this agreement or if such decision is made by the DD team.


•WebMoney (WMR/WMZ/WMU/WME).
•Liberty Reserve. (+ 5% of the price)
•Perfect Money.(+ 5% of the price)
•LiqPay. (+6% of the price)
•AlertPay (+6% of the price)
•YouMax (+ 7% of the price)
•Ukash (+5% of the price)
•We can work with an escrow. Escrow fees are paid by the client.
•We do not work with protection.

[Why you should buy from me]

• Fairness, friendliness, politeness.
• Honesty (I am ready to work through an escrow, but on your dime).
• I’m often online (daily, with rare exceptions).
• Personal WM passport (BL >120).
• I have been selling software for over 10 months.
• I will always try to answer all your questions, like ‘where to go for hosting’, ‘where to buy installs’, ‘who to order a script from’, etc.

[Referral program]

• Very straightforward: bring in a client, get anywhere from $45 to $100. The more clients you bring, the more $$$ you get!

[Price list]

• Minimal: Loader, no free updates - $330
• Standard: Loader, +1 month of free updates - $380
• Bronze: Loader, +3 months of free updates, plus 1 fee re-build - $480
• Silver: Loader, +6 months of free updates, plus 2 free re-builds - $530
• Gold: Loader, + free updates forever, + 5% discount on our other products, + 5 free re-builds, + module of your choice for free - $630.
• Platinum: Loader, + free updates, + 25% discount on our other products, + free re-builds, + 2 modules of your choice for free - $725.
• Diamond: Loader, + free unlimited updates, + free unlimited re-builds, + 30% discount on our other products, + all modules for free = $825.
• Updates - $35-$85 (depending on the importance of the update).
• Re-build (change of URL) - $35.
• Source code – contact us.
• New functionality – contact us.


• ThiefX. Password grabber - $50
• Subsitution. Hosts file substitution - $35
• MKL Keylogger - $55. This module can be purchased as a stand-alone product for $85.
• New modules request – contact us.

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