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World's first fully automated online obfuscation service is a service to provide a full range of obfuscation services of binary data and source code by nine input data formats.

Currently we support the most demanded spectrum of morphing formats which are demanded by thousands of webmasters:


Multi Obfuscator has it's own polymorphic engine which enables a possibility to morph a vide range of inupt data. This means every time you morph something you will get absolutely different binary and source code.
System provides an external API and gives a possibility to automate software and services for all customers.
You will be fully satisfied by morphing quality and speed of updates.


Q: What's this service about?
A: Our service is first world-class fully automated multicrypt service. At the moment we have the maximum quantity of morphing input data types, fully automated system based on polymorphic engine and API suported.

Q: What types of crypting do you support?
A: We support nine morphing data tyes:

HTML: source code with or without JavaScript;

JavaScript: inside HTML or standalone (which is helpful for clickunders, popunders and morphing any type of context advertising);
EXE and DLL as Windows Coff PE executables;
PDF: content morphing;
SWF: morping source AS3-scripts;
PHP / ASP source scripts;

Q: Who are your customers?
A: Our customers are partners program, online casino, traffic stocks, banner networks, adult, pharma and so on.

Q: What are your benefits compare to private services?
Firstly no one of private services can't morph such quantity of data types as we can. We have a polymorphic kernel that guarantees that all output code will be fully different and enthropy will be almost 100%. As we have a polymorphic stub every crypted fule will be unique and can live before reversing and disassembly long time. We have rapid updates and you will not wait and waste your time. Also we have API to automate your services. Hope reasons above will help you to make right decision to work with us.

Q: Can you guarantee 100% FUD on Coff/PE? Do you provide money back in this case?
A: No, we cannot guarantee 100% FUD. Also we don't have money back system (but in any case support can add an amount to your balance by it's own opinion in case of detects). If you can use it — welcome. If you noticed a detect please contact support and tell them details and check URL; it can help to make FUD in a short time. For the projects with huge loads we have private cryptor. Please contact support for it.

Q: How can I crypt the file?
A: To encrypt a file or URL simlpy register in the system, charge your balance, select your tariff and upload a file to crypt in the user menu «Obfuscation».
Innovation is an automated service verification, which checks the file after obfuscation, provides a link to check the results of which you can agree (and get a file) or disagree (money back to your balance).
Therefore, if the job is "stuck" on the status of "Pending", you simply open the task, click on the link and make sure that you are satisfied.

Q: Do you have automation and possibility to work with API?
A: Yes, we provide API for development needs and also we have sample PHP library

Q: What's the maximum file size?
A: EXE / DLL is 160 kilobytes and other crypting services are 1 megabyte.

Q: What are your demands to Coff/PE files?
A: Files must be provided as is without packing by any Coff/PE packer like UPX, PECompact and so on.

Q: Can I obfuscate files with greater size?
A: Yes, you can. Knock support, it will answer all your questions.

Q: How scheduler works?
A: Scheduler morphs your source every time to let you get always new and fresh version. Morphing interval can be selected by customer by adding a new task to morph.

Q: What payment methods do you support?
A: Currently we support WebMoney in authomatic mode and Leberty Reserve in manual mode.

Q: I crypted the file, but not satisfied by result. What should I do?
A: You should fill the form in contacts where describe task number and your complain. We will answer in as soon as it will be possible.

Q: Did you pass the tests?
A: Yes, we did. You can ask public and private links by contacting our support.

Q: Is the service anonymous?
A: Yes, it's totally anonymous. All files are fully deleted in 30 days.

Q: What does it mean - Styx?
A: Just read wiki:
The Styx (Greek: Στύξ, also meaning "hate" and "detestation") (adjectival form: Stygian, /ˈstɪdʒi.ən/) is a river in Greek mythology that formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld (often called Hades which is also the name of this domain's ruler). It circles the Underworld nine times.

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