Saturday, 21 January 2012

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Online Game Account Project:

We only need large quantity online game account usa server and europe server.
First of all you need find some good game site, type key word “mmorpg” search on google,then try hack them and put trojan on site to collect player account information.

The account information we need :

For example :

Game Name : World Of Warcraft
Server : USA
Account Name : xxxxxxxxx
Account Password : xxxxxxxxx

PS: “World of Warcraft” Online account is hot now.We are buying World Of Warcraft Accounts always, unlimited quantity,If you have 10 000 accounts, we will buy 10 000 accounts.

usually we pay 100 accounts each time, and we will check if the accounts works, we will pay money in 1 more accounts you selling to us as higher price we will pay.

For each account,the price is not stable, it is around 1-2 usd for each accounts. if you got a good site, usualy you can get 1000 -10 000 accounts information.

Collect information and send to us, we will help you exchange account information to cash, as soon as possible.

In the future we will keep find some new projects which no law risk and high profit.and post them on my site.

We think if you have ability ,sure you will get rich !

Welcome be partner with us !

(All online game account we buying must be Europe Server and American Server,online Game Account from korea,china mainland ,taiwan is very cheap, only 0.3-0.5 usd around each one.
Japanese online account higher price, but not easy to sell. So USA and Europe Account will be the best.)

List of Game We buying:

USA server and Europe Server:

World of Warcraft
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Final Fantasy XI
RIFT: Planes of Telara
EverQuest 2
Eve Online
Dark Age of Camelot
Rappelz Online
Lineage 2
Dungeons & Dragons Online
City of Heroes
Guild Wars

Other MMORPG game, if you have large quantity of accounts, please contact us, we will try to buy them all.


This project are no risk on law, Most of countries in the world they do not have a law to protect virtual wealth in game. and especially If we do this business in another country. for example, you are in russia or usa, but you take account information from Europe.There are no police will start a case for 100-1000 accounts.

So the law risk for online game account business currently is zero.

We can help you convert online game account to cash in 1-3 days, depending on the quantity of accounts.

We are also expecting good hackers to join us for new projects.We will pay money directly to you by West Union, or WEBMONEY E-gold、Liberty Reserve.

If you are good hacker,We will be glad to work with you for longtime partnership.and we will pay higher price for longtime partners.

Fast , Safe, that is always our target for online business.

ICQ 607157280
Gtalk onlineabusiness

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